Oct 19, 2014

What a Teralba Pun

We went out on another bike ride, with Eloise this time.

She complained a good part of the way about the antique bike she rides with no gears and just back-pedal brakes. She probably has a point.

We got further than last time, visiting a park called Teralba out in Everton Hills. The bike track runs beside it and there's a playground on the other side that looks very promising when you drive past it on the road.

Two problems: the park is huge, the playground's on the other side, and you have to ride over grass to get there. Yes, that's three problems.

Make that four: when you do get there, it isn't actually all that great.

Still we spun it out for an hour or so. Lyra chafed her knee on a child-unfriendly pebbledash concrete staircase and fell off a ladder. Eloise gave herself blisters on the metal hoopy-monkey-bar-thingy and the metal-flying-fox thingy.

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