Oct 22, 2014

The Wonderer Returns

I have been flying solo for five days, an experience that has by turns been enjoyous* and enervating, hilarious and harrowing.

The days have been long and the chickens pesky, the children have been fed with Eloise's favourite food. Bedtimes have been hairy, mornings sometimes furry. We did some superb scooting, some pugnacious paddling and some seriously sinister swimming. Sometimes I have found it arduous. I admit it! We have missed Nicole!

We made it for a couple of days out rear-guardless; Lyra has had something to do every day, so I think I have probably done all right, all things considered.

Nicole got back late at night. I tried to stay up to welcome her back, but I sagged, ragged, and dragged myself to Slumber City instead.

I can't tell you what she got up to. What happens at the Conference stays at the Conference.

*yes, I know, this isn't a real word.

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