Oct 11, 2014

Lyra Language Checkpoint

Let's have a little checkpoint on Lyra's language development, which is at an amusingly potty-mouthed stage. I'll leave the contentious ones til after the break, because now I know how to do a break so I'll do it just for the sake of doing it.

So, we have:
Mummy - Mummy
Daddy - Daddy
Eloise - Aloise
Lyra - Isla
Mary - Mimi
No - No
Yes - Yes (a recent additional and rarely used)
Milk - Mock
Juice - Jus
Water - Atta
Shoes - Shoes
Socks - Fox
Up - Uppy
Hello/Hi/How are you doing - Hello
Please - Mease
Pretty please - A high-pitched squeal with the potential to cause permanent hearing damage
Dog - Woofwoof
Miaow - Miaow
Mouse - Mouse
Roar - Rrrrrr!
Owl - Owl
Plane - Blane
Book - Book
Banana - Nana
Food in general - Nana
Oh Dear! - Oh Dear!
Oh No! - Oh No!
Hug/Cuddle - Cog
Car - Car
Come Here - Mere
Catch-all term covering most objects, translate as thingummy - Fafa

Bird - Birdy (but sometimes Turdy)
Truck - Fuck
Chocolate - Cock Cock

plus various colours, and other words I don't currently recollect.

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