Oct 14, 2014

Story Time, and Musca Copulus Sighted At Grange Library

Lyra and I went to the Library at Grange a week ago for Story Time as an exploratory exercise for a Tuesday morning. Tuesdays are very long, with the older females pursuing their pursuits until well into the evening which leaves Lyra and I with masses of time to fill with our trivial pursuits. Time was, and time will be again I think, that Tuesdays may be committed to more extravagant adventuresomeness but for the moment with my lingering impediments we remain depressingly local.

Anyway, be that as it may, last week I was very pleasantly surprised not only to run into a few familiar faces but also to find that Story Time was immensely enjoyable with Librarian Chris magnificently, and by that I mean surreptitiously sardonically, deconstructing the underlying narrative devices and stereotypes underlying young childrens' literature whilst reading them in a way unconventional enough to actually scare one child away, screaming. I laughed and laughed! Some nannies even looked up from their flaming (not literally) mobile phones to give me funny looks, which is a reward in itself.

I went back this week in order to confirm that this was not some flash-in-the-pan one-off never-to-be-repeated experience of the type that should have been savoured more than it was, but it was not to be repeated. Another librarian, more conventional was on duty, I observed in the brief moments that I could cajole stroke manhandle Her Ladyship into the room. She just wasn't interested. So I suppose I can't really comment.

On the plus side, though, in the playground afterwards, we (of course I mean I) saw some flies having it away, which certainly brightened up my day, in an Attenborough-esque kind of way. I even got my flaming (not literally) mobile phone out to take a picture (not a very good one).

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