Oct 18, 2014

In Which We Have a Busy Day and Then Nicole Flies Away, Leaving Me Flying Solo

It's been another one of those funny busy Saturdays where we woke up early, lounged around, decided to go to the Market, lounged around, went to the Market, Lyra spilt drink over herself, took all her clothes off, went home, got ready for Eloise's Strings Competition, drove out to Ferny Grove, dropped Eloise and Nicole off, Lyra fell asleep, hung around in a forest glade, Lyra woke up, drove around interminably waiting for Nicole and Eloise to deign to actually leave the Competition, picked up Nicole, drove Nicole home to pack, waited for the now independently transported Eloise, who didn't turn up, drove Nicole to the airport, dropped Nicole at the airport, comforted distraught child, manhandled distraught child back into car seat, drove home, walked down street, met friend, watched remote control car zip around then crash into a tree, discussed quad-choppers and Lucy amongst other things, was reunited with Eloise,  met a parrot, declined a sleepover, walked home, acceded to pizza, collected pizza though not from the branch that I had thought that I had ordered it from, put on a movie, took off the movie due to things a two-year-old shouldn't see and was getting far too excited about, ate the pizza, bathed Lyra, read Lyra a couple of books, put Lyra to bed, put Lyra to bed, put Lyra to bed, put Lyra to bed, put Lyra to bed, put on another, shorter movie because the original wouldn't now have finished until far too late, fell asleep in short movie, woke up during end credits, acceded to Eloise's request to occupy Nicole's sleeping-space after only a short period of resistance, drank some wine, watched a bit of telly whilst actually multitasking successfully, and stayed awake. And then sighed. Ahhhh.

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