Oct 16, 2014

Book Week Harry Potter Tie-In Aborted in Favour of Fictional Dancing Starlet

In all the flapping around I had to rely on my Loan Phone (my real one is being repaired, hopefully) to take a crappy picture of Eloise after her dancing exams.

Further flapping was in order because she needed to get changed for Book Week, when everyone gets dressed up as a character from a book they have enjoyed.

Eloise had invested precisely no effort whatsoever - there had been no time, leaving the lack of inclination to one side for a moment - and when pushed had decided to go as Hermione or Ginny from Harry Potter, which we are reading together at the moment. She had hoped to avoid tired cliche by going as Hermione or Ginny on their days off, that is in plain clothes, and when I suggested that at least a wand might be in order, she decided that trainee wizards/witches/magicians wouldn't carry wands on their days off.

However given that she was having to take time out of school for the dancing, it seemed only appropriate that she should cut down on changing time by attending Book Week Dress Up as a dancing character. Clearly this would involve going as one of the four Magic Ballerina heriones from Darcey Bussell's unfamous Magic Ballerina Books.

What a decision! Should it be Delphie, whose hair isn't quite the right colour, or Rosa, whose hair isn't quite the right colour, or Holly, whose hair isn't quite the right colour, or the one whose name we can't remember, but whose hair isn't quite the right colour anyway?

On the basis that no-one else knows who these people are, Eloise chose Delphie.

Turned out that almost every single other girl in the school had gone either as Ginny from Harry Potter or as Hermione from Harry Potter, but that every single other girl had tried to make them look like they were studying at Hogwarts. I didn't ask her about wands specifically, but I'm guessing that quite a few wands would have been in evidence.

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