Oct 21, 2014

Story Time Dads / Mount Glory Arse

Gloamy though the day was today, with Nicole away "on business" it was going to be a long one with limited and when the flaming chickens woke me up with their crow alert at 6am I counted my blessings as the children slumbered on peacefully.

I had resolved to get out of Brisbane today and have a bit of an adventure. I thought it was only fair to balance it out with some toddler amusements in the morning so after delivering Eloise to school for the start of her epic day, Lyra and I went to Story Time at Grange Library for a best two of three sample.

We arrived earlier than last week and Lyra managed to work a little of her energy off on the huge table-top screen, then on the huge floor-bottom screen, running around like the apocryphal blue-arsed fly before the nice librarians deactivated all electronics so that Story Time had a chance of having someone pay attention.

There were four Dads there. It was easy to count them because we all sat in a corner in the Dad Zone, a self-organising emergent agglomeration of sweaty testosterone maleness (obviously). Lyra sat patiently on my lap as the trainee librarian launched a little nervously into a song I vaguely recognised but don't recall, then read a book I didn't recognise and don't recall. We rousingly, even rumbustiously sang Hickory Dickory Dock in basso profundo before Lyra started to work the room a little. This involved smiling at babies and expecting results; results were not forthcoming and so, losing interest, she (and therefore I) headed for dress-ups corner and soon we were off for some playground action where a little boy was showing far to much interest in Lyra's athletic antics and had to go home, having lost the use of his legs.

Soon we headed home too, for some baked beans which Lyra graciously declined, and fruity bites before she decided that she really needed to be in her pyjamas actually and she would quite like to have the Gruffalo read to her.

She wasn't for sleeping though and the time had come to embark on our jaunt up the D'Aguilar Mountains for a photographic extravaganza of epic proportions. Needless to say, as we wound our way up the mountain road she was fast asleep and as we parked at the National Park, ready for our walk, she was fast asleep, then as we drove to the next lookout she was fast asleep.

She woke up after that and I could then get more than twenty metres away from the car, so we stopped off at the next lookout and trotted up and around the boardwalk, looking up in the trees for the birds that were calling so very prettily, looking out over the epic view, and generally bogling around in a most amiable fashion but I could tell that a rainforest walk was out of the question so we headed on home, down the mountain and back to suburbia.

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