Oct 31, 2014

No mawari janpu shite geijutsu aikō-ka o komara shimasho

Japanese art exhibition on at the Gallery of Modern Art: I thought we'd have endless hours of fun going up and down on the escalators but instead, equipped with stroller (ha!) I used lifts to visit the now-tired Pattern Bandits, which was mobbed by hundreds of schoolchildren, who wouldn't let me play. Aww!

Tired of that, I antagonised art lovers by running around in the austere upstairs "gallery spaces," screamingly making my presence inarguably known to all and attempting with every fibre of my being to climb onto the raised exclusion zones beneath the oh-so-culturally important suspended objets d'art, pursued by our father. What a hoot!

Afterwards I went and lounged on the nice sofas overlooking the resplendent city views before having a jump around on those as well! Yay!

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