Dec 20, 2015

A Note on Privacy

I found the Ins key. Which is a relief. On with the bollocks.

I should point out that, now that Eloise is growing up, and of an age where she may become sensitive should I ever divulge to her the existence of this thing, that I am becoming aware that there are certain privacy issues surrounding my somewhat tenuous reportage of her progress as a person, and so I will be making allowances for this as we move forward.

I'm Going to Blog Like There's No Tomorrow

It's come to my attention that I have been remiss over a number of weeks, nay probably months, in my blogging activity, which has led certain individuals to become disenchanted and possibly even suspicious in my commitment to the medium, and by extension, somehow, themselves.

I will seek to redress this by transferring my evening-time wine-drinking activities away from pointless word-games on the back deck to inside where I can type away like a thing possessed until I lose the use of my fingers or decide that transferring images from my phone to the cloud then back again to transfer them to some third-party image-hosting site where I can embed them into a blog post is just too much trouble to carry out in a highly repetitive pattern while trying to hold onto this temporary zeitgeistish enthusiasm I now find myself possessed by.

I've already fallen at the second hurdle. You see after some shall we say problems installing windows 10 onto my laptop the laptop after a while carked it leading to the new computer upon which I am now typing. I can no longer find the Ins key which as you afficionados will know is critical to editing success and therefore you will have to forgive errors in spolling while I figure out what the shell is going on.

So, anywany, soarry?