Oct 16, 2014

Turn Your Back For Five Minutes Part 2

Previously on Turn Your Back for Five Minutes

This time on Turn Your Back For Five Minutes, a series that I can't help but think will have many many instalments, it's the day of Eloise's dancing exams.

I may have forgotten to tell you that she scored a Distinction, which I was very proud of her for having achieved. This time she had two exams in the one day: Jazz and Tap.

Anyway logistics had become an issue with the revelation that Eloise wouldn't be done by 10am as previously thought, and this created logistical issues which Claire offered to lighten by taking Lyra under her wing for a couple of hours at Chipmunks, allowing me to pick up Eloise from her exam with a minimum of disruption should examination be continuing and silence be required from the general public.

At 8.20am, five minutes before delivering Eloise to the dancing school, Lyra emptied a bottle of green poster paint over herself and the back deck. This necessitate a Rapid Cleaning Squad effort with the deck scrubbed outside (obviously) and Lyra transported to the bath, washed, rinsed and her clothes consigned to the laundry.

At 9.40am, twenty minutes before delivering Lyra to the Northside Soft Play Centre of Choice, she climbed up to the shelf where the paints are, retrieved the black paint and emptied it over herself and the back deck. I surmise this course of events because I was downstairs, choring.

I came up to find that she had taken herself to the bath and was in the process of rinsing herself off, a black slick of paint draining away beneath her. She had managed not to get the paint onto her clothes. She soon sat down in the dirty water, though, then laid down in it for good measure.

So another rapid cleansing effort was in order, this time solo.

When I picked up Eloise she was pretty delighted with her performance. No mistakes at Jazz, she thought, but some timing issues over the introduction of the Tap Waltz. Again, proud of her.

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