Oct 2, 2014

Cheltenham and Gloucester Demonstrate the Cinemagraph

My mobile telephone, which is of the Nokia persuasion, not one of your trendy i-Phones or Android thingummybobs, but a Windows Phone which is equally and in some ways more capable, can (as you will have noticed) take funny photographs where parts move and wobble and other parts don't.

It calls them Cinemagraphs, which is a funny old-fashioned sounding sort of name, a bit like listening to a 78 on the phonograph or calling Huey on the big white telegraph, but I suppose it sums up its function.

It would have you believe that it "brings photographs to life" and that is true. It also reduces their colour palette almost catastrophically whilst increasing file sizes phenomenally, if understandably.

Here are Claire and Georgia sitting upon the moving wobbly parts in this particular example while Lyra in the background, though actually moving, is rendered uncharacteristically motionless, almost like a photograph. Hang on...

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