Aug 31, 2006

Can't Cook, Can't Clean

So I can't cook, I'm not exactly a whizz with a hoover, and I don't know the first thing about childcare. And I've given up work to move to Australia to be a loyal hard-working full-time Mum and Wife to my wife, who does all of the above excellently without parallel in the known world.

I must be ma-ma-ma-m-m-m-mmm-mamama-ma-mad.

Ma-ma-ma-m-m-m-mmm-mamama-ma-mad or not, tomorrow I will pay for the flights we have booked for September the 7th, and we will follow our wide-eyed innocent doggies out to the land of Oz to begin our new existence.

Am I looking forward to it? Let's just say that it's a over a week away, so that puts it over my event horizon.