Oct 16, 2014

Eight Years of Abstinence Comes to an End

I've been going to Stafford City Shopping Centre for eight years now, I think, and the machines have changed a bit over that time, although the machine at the entrance that plays the music from the Cantina scene in Star Wars has always been there. There have been cars that wobble, trucks that wobble, little roundabouts, and machines with claws that fail to grab sweeties and cuddly toys.

And I have never ever put any money into any of them.

Until today.

Lyra loves climbing on these damned machines, and today I relented, shoving $2 into the crack, watching the look of surprise and delight sweep over Lyra's face as the contraption swung into motion, Lyra turning the little wheels, and beaming away for the probably two or even two and a half minutes it turned for.

Then she stood up, gave Audrey the Non-Explorer a kiss, gave the steam train's pressure regulator a kiss, looked at me, and said "More."

To which I said "No."

I'm sure that you can imagine how things progressed from here given Lyra's finely honed negotiation skills.

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