Nov 30, 2014

Un Dimanche En Famille a la Piscine Avec Croissants

It's wall to wall Dancing Concert rehearsals at the moment and Nicole has signed a form to say that we will be available wherever, whenever we are required, with a set of proposed dates that has taken up a couple of weekends with truly epic rehearsals (because Eloise does all the different dances under the sun).

So we were pretty pleased to have been given Sunday off so that we could have some of this "family time" I have heard mention of. We kicked off the day with some gardening (I stayed in the upstairs bed though) until mid-morning when Eloise and I went croissant-hunting, giving me the opportunity archly to explain in detail the concept of the queue and how the very essence if civilisation as we know it depends upon the observance of its unwritten rules.

Having polished off our croissants, heady affairs from the Red Brick Bakery infused with pistachio essence and topped with almonds, alongside pains au chocolat and Huehuetenango coffee, we realised that if Lyra were reliably to nap then some exercise activity would have to be taken and so we wended our way down to Spring Hill to get out of the building heat and lounge in the cool water, where we spent a happy hour or two before returning to chez nous for a nap and a flick and some home-barbecued pizza Nicole-stylee.

Which was yum. Or nom nom.

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