Nov 7, 2014

Does My Bum Look Big in These?

Now I have to try to write enough text to occupy the space next to this totally self-explanatory picture of Lyra trying on some way-to-big pants and being pretty delighted about it.

She has mastered, or at least is practicing the art of taking her own nappies off, and has started to use excretion words, and this has been taken in certain quarters as a sign that developmental stages are being hinted at.

Funnily enough, she has shown decreased motivation to wearing nappies and/or pyjamas over the past couple of days, which is almost certainly a coincidence. And by decreased motivation I mean she has kicked up a considerable stink (ha ha) which is a pain in the arse (ha ha).

But she's going to have to put off toilet training for a bit because the pair of pants that fits her won't exist until her rear increases in girth. And if Eloise's experience is anything to go by she'll do it when she's good and ready, and when they start to use the little toilets at nursery.

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