Nov 26, 2014

Save the Beast Til Last

The final Lyra birthday present to arrive, from those who could be arsed to send one, was from Uncle James, having been delayed by the insurmountable clerical error of having misaddressed the parcel with Road instead of Street, a mistake that was clearly beyond the capabilities of whoever the delivery company was to remediate.

Regardless of all that, after quite a lot of fist pumping, a shapeless mass of heavy-duty latex slowly took the form of a cow-like entity, the arrival of which delighted Lyra. She immediately perceived that the creature was there to be cuddled, ridden, and to have peanut butter back massages.

And at breakfast, after having originally attempted a table-top cattle-rustling rodeo adventure, she just decided to invite the as-yet-nameless ruminant to breakfast.

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