Nov 4, 2014

Trike: Terrific Transport, Temporarily?

So, amazingly we were out of the house and bound for school by 0820 Zulu this morning, with the new trike very much in demand as the transport option of choice. Lyra figuratively leapt on to it, and treated it very much as the Royal Litter (that is, lounging amiably and politely declining the opportunity to contribute towards forward momentum). Eloise was initially dubious as this meant the stroller as luggage trolley was not available, but I shouldered her enormous shoulder-bag of dancing paraphernalia and she rucked her enormous ruck-sack of educational paraphernalia and we took it in turns at the helm while Lyra made intermittent efforts to put her feet somewhere near the pedals, then just dragged her feet amusingly on the floor.

I had initial reservations that it would be an impediment to rapid progress but in fact it's very easy for Eloise to push (joking!) and we got to school actually early, met with Gabriella our dancing lift-share who relieved us of the SBoDP, making Eloise's life a little easier.

On the way Lyra did attempt a couple of dismont manoeuvres but these were quickly nipped in the bud.

Homeward bounds, I discovered the trick to lowering the foot-rest and then by George we were cooking on gas. Trike- / trike- / trike- / trike-ability.

Until she got off to investigate the entertaining rampage system at he disabled resource hit thingy that's round the back of wherever it is that it's round the back of: then it was game over, red rover, and it took us a cool hour of gentle farting about to get home again.

I said to her, if you think I'm the sort of boy who carries a lady along in his arms while simultaneously pushing along her available yet inexplicable unwanted push-along tricycle, looking like a complete winky-walker, you can think again.

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