Nov 2, 2014

Two in the Bush

After we were done with the rainforest hike, we limped back to the car. Eloise had damaged herself swinging on vines; I had damaged myself lugging the Sproglet around; Nicole and I were both the worse for wear for the interminable amounts of time we had spent waiting for Squirty to get her Birthday Arse into gear and try walking for a change.

We drove up to Mt Nebo and visited Mrs Miggins' Tea Rooms, Eloise's possible favourite place ever, and fed the wild birds there. Eloise made friends with King Parrots and had a Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo feeding from her palm - a risky manoeuvre at the best of times. No ill effects as she soon realised what a chance she was taking; but looking at the jacaranda above, there were fifteen of those huge birds waiting for their chance to grab a piece of the action.

After a while we called it an armpit and headed back down the Mountain, making it back in time to fulfil Nicole's dream of an impromptu back-deck get-together where her sumptuously moist spongy segments were consumed with great enthusiasm.

P.S. Hello Maisie and Voilet!

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