Nov 22, 2014

Amphibian Petting Fun

Herbacious Heather had a surprise in store for Eloise at the Market on Saturday. Apparently over the week a little (or large, depending upon your perspective I suppose) tree frog had taken up residence among her herbs, and had made it to the market where in the balmy heat it was seeking out cool dark places to hang out, much like Fungus the Bogeyman might.

Still for Eloise's benefit minds and hands were bent to rifling through the trays for a sign of the amphibian stowaway and before too long he (or she) was having the time of his (or her) life being snuggled in Eloise's arms and being given a great deal of love.

We even went the extra mile in caring for him (or her) by keeping him (or her) the hell away from Lyra, who was looking at him (or her), jumping up and down like she had springs on her shoes and shouting "Frog! Frog! Frog!"

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