Nov 6, 2014

Rushing, Not Rushing

IN a sea of morning-school-run relative ease, this morning stood out as a notable exception. Trikeulous we were, and consequently aiming for an 0820 departure. Lyra decided that she wasn't cool with wearing shoes or sunscreen and this caused some angst. At roughly 0817, Eloise, heretofore a paragon of efficiency, begun a hairdressing work of art that would clearly blow our target time. Again, a cause of angst. We recovered well, though, and departed for school still on-time, Eloise having written on her hand all the things she need to remember, having forgotten: like homework.

Eloise remembered just after we left that she'd also forgotten her hat: oh no, actually she'd lost it, so we went back and got her a replacement hat.

Things were then going swimmingly, until that is Eloise realised half-way there that she'd forgotten that she had a dance performance at Assembly and she needed her dance costume. So back home we went, Eloise with keys supposedly rushing ahead but actually walking just a little bit faster than us.

Then we drove to school. Eloise forgot the hat she'd taken to replace the other hat she'd lost.

Still, we got there sort of on time, I think....

After getting home, post-rush deflation, with bugger-all to do other than put food in front of the bairn, be hot, bleach and disinfectant the dead-possum-stinking bin, be hot, responsibly dispose of the bleachy tailings, be hot, play with the bairn, reflect on the repetetiveness of the day. It became apparent that a trip somewhere was in order; somewhere air-conditioned, where we could be cool.

In between just being hot, I ummed and ahhed then decided that Chipmunks would be in order, and so we went and spent an amusing couple of hours ticking the Amuse and Exhaust boxes, but well, somehow, well, you know.

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