Nov 27, 2014

Alfresco Nugget Production

On a short coffee break on a Thursday mini-adventure, here is Lyra in full "Bish" (i.e. "go away and leave me alone") mode, usually indicative of poo poo production, hanging out behind the coffee shop and making the relevant fa(e)ces.

A couple of old dears were giving us unamused looks through the large plate-glass window that inexplicably offers the stairwell a view of some diners, and some diners an explicable view of a stairwell, while around the corner students lounged studiously taking advantage presumably of the State Library's wi-fi to do some work, which certainly isn't how it was done in my day, but I suppose in my day laptops hadn't been invented yet, let alone wireless networking.

When Lyra would let anyone near her again, I took her to the parents' room, which was button-operated and therefore inherently amusing, where an on-the-back inspection on the fold-out toddler exposure table revealed the tiniest of nuggets, just one, nestled between her glutei maximi.

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