Dec 2, 2014

Unfit Git

It has come to my attention that I am ridiculously unfit, having finally felt integral enough in my superstructure to attempt a protracted swim.

While Eloise slogged it out in Lane 8, swimming as usual I am sure like the proverbial fish and making me a proud Dad as always, I lowered myself carefully into lane 2 to embark upon my usual but not attempted these four months twenty lengths, alternating breasty stroky with front crawl or as they call it these days, "freestyle."

I had to stop for a breather after eight lengths, my little heart hammering away, having overextended a little on the left hand side, and from there on in it was two- and four-length stretches with breathers in between before I hit my twenty and got out as soon as I could.

I was expecting to be sore the next day, but only in the end suffered being extremely knacked that evening.

The next day, reflecting on my generally poor stamina and physical strength, I resolved that we should go on a bike ride, and so after extreme reluctance from Lyra, overcome lactically, we set off for a 20km bike ride out to Arana Hills where we stopped off at the playground there for a while where we tinkled out some beautifully orchestrated harmonised twinkle twinkles.

I had to stop off for this rather magnificent poinciana tree:

As you can see, the skies were overcast, but the air was still hot and I was sweating like the proverbial pig on a stick by the time we were done. Later on my legs hurt, and one of my feet.

Oh, the sweet suffering.

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