Jun 10, 2014

Z and Two Ohs

In the afernoon we visited Colchester Zoo, possibly the single greatest zoo in the world (or at least in the part of the world directly surrounding Colchester, no really it's a great zoo and I say that without a hint of sarcasm beyond the hint of sarcasm you yourself, dear reader, are projecting onto it because you're imagining it in my voice. It's a great zoo, all right? It has everything a great zoo should have: a car park, front entrance, some animals, some even in spiffy enclosures; and regardless of the veneer of ethicality afforded by engaging in "conservation activities" spiffy enclosures do let us, the general public, ogle at animals in captivity wich ideally wouldn't be in activity.

We also, to be fair, ogled at quite a few animals that weren't in captivity that probably should have been; on the other side of the glass from the wildlife strolled and strutted the Greater Tattoed Land Whales and the Tripled-Jawed Sludgeaters, calling and chittering to one another in common Estuary in nasal tones around their chocolate bars and mobile phones as they cast a cursory glance over the critically endangered orang-utan before the much more important task of rushing little Caitlin Esperanza off the toilet to void the lastest infusion of junk food.

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