Jun 19, 2014


Well our trip to Felixstowe, you know our one trip to the sunny Suffolk seaside, was somewhat let down by the skies which decided on that day that they would fill with cloud.

I think it was sunny at Landguard Fort. I seem to remember that it was sunny when we arrived at the beachfront when we arrived and went to the Alex for a cup of coffee, where Lyra was spirited, if I recall correctly.

But at some point it must have clouded over because ore it became chilly, yes chilly.

Eloise, Lyra and I went into the Pier for old times' sake and played on the video games and pinball. Eloise was delighted with video games; it was probably just the fact of money leaving my wallet that was the draw.

Lyra was still grotty. Rain started. We went home.

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