Jun 14, 2014


One of the main reasons that Nicole decided that we should go to the West Country, rather than say the Dales or the Peaks or the Lakes or the Highlands, other than distance and practicality, which are undoubtedly valid and valuable considerations, was because she has lots of little chums who live around there - well, lots in anybody's book if their book defines lots as three. But those three all have offspring and offspring are of course important.

Now I don't recall if I popped pictures of Alison's pair on the blog last time we saw them, nudge nudge wink wink, but I'll see if I can find some pictures of her children! But Suzanne and Ian have a new boy, well new to us, there he is on the left.

It's been a while, five years odd, but those girls have grown up. Little Neave is now Big Neave and has precocious attitude in spades whereas Littler Lucy is now Medium-Sized Lucy and has moved on since the Destroy the Holiday Home so-called quiet girl of yester-year.

Suzanne and Ian, being locals, had us on a countryside walk before we knew it down alongside a river bordered by lush forest and objectionably muddy paths to a disused ruined watermill of some kind where little three-year old Seth assaulted Eloise and reduced her to tears (admittedly not that difficult a feat).

Suzanne had it all planned out with a nice countryside picnic to be had on a charming little daisy-strewn lawn by the river, but when we got there the daisy lawn had gone horribly wrong and was now a weed-strewn patch of mud but we made the best of it and munched on our snacks while the river meandered away beside us.

We pressed on through a little gap to continue our journey and set off up the path which ran through a charming little daisy strewn lawn which would in retrospect have been the perfect location for a nice countryside picnic. Funnily enough at that point we realised that we may have stopped off just a little early for our food.

Still, not to be discouraged, we adults pressed ahead, feeling lighter now that our loads had been transferred into the gastro-intestinal tracts of children. The children on the other hand were feeling quite discouraged now that their gastro-intestinal tracts were taking blood away from their brains and muscles on this flaming interminable walk.

But there were cows and waterfalls and the babble of the river and flowers and the beautiful sunshine and before too long we arrived at a road which led us to a pub and then it seemed that all would be right in the world, for everyone.

Anyway to cut a long story a little less long we wandered back after a while through a walled garden centre thing to the cunning emplaced cars which took us back home for barbecue fun with James, Jane, Erin and Noah.

Oh, and it was James' birthday too. Happy Birthday, bro!

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