Jun 19, 2014

Sleeping Babes on the Shitley Peninsula

Lyra falls asleep on the way back so I drop the Gamps and Eloise off and set off for a drive to keep Lyra in the Land of Nod.

I end up doing an explore around the old haunts on the Shotley Peninsula, from Holbrook to Erwarton to Shotley and Chelmondiston.

It's a rural landscape, rolling fields of wheat and rape dotted with little churches, rows of cottages, pockets of woodland, tiny winding roads with high borders of grass you can't see over and points of colour where the wildflowers are growing.

Somewhere over the next hill the land eases off down to the river where the tide laps gently against the muddy flats and the seaweed smells stick to your feet.

Lyra sleeps for a couple of hours and then we head back to the Little Smoke.

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