Jun 9, 2014

Family Reunion

Bugger me if the sun was actually shining in England, in the legendary English summer, on cue for us Australian for take the mickey at its pathetic strength only to eat our words and apply our sunscreen like responsible adults. Respect the sun, people.

On Full Day Two our presence were requested at the mysterious Suffolk Food Hall, which is a Hall which serves food in Suffolk. Hence the inspirational name. To be honest with a name like that I was kind of expecting something in a shopping centre with some tables and some Macdonalds and Subway micro-outlets but as it turned out it was a big sort of converty barn thingy sat on the gentle sloop shoulders of the Orwell Valley overlooking the Strand underneath the Orwell Bridge, with reasonably spectacular views in the brilliant sunshine, serving a reasonable selection of what looked quite nice food for the meatatarians and a limited selection of quite nice food for the vegetarians. Decent coffee, which was required in copious quantities, as jet lag was in full effect. I probably looked like death, reheated, as I ate my genuine Suffolk vegetarian brunch.

It was nice to see Dad and Shirley and Mum and after we ate we went out and kids bounced on a huge inflatable inflatable that came out of the ground like an enormous aged, nippleless yet suspiciously pert breast until they fall over, crying.

Eloise treated us to demonstrations of her latest acrobatic achievements as we basked in the sunshine and we took photographs before getting the hell out of the remorseless sun from which there was no refuge because to have come from Australia to get sunburnt in the pathetic English sun on the first full day would have been just too embarrassing to contemplate.

So thanks to Brendan and Shirley for organising the occasion.

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