Jun 21, 2014

Get a (Social) Life

We took some time out, just to further discombobulate everybody and confuse the crap out of babies who don't know any better, to see some old friends over the next couple of days, and to Faye, Sarah, Sam, Esmee, Amelia, Max, Freddy, Rachel, Denise, Erin, anyone else not mentioned, like dogs for instance: We Salute You.

I particularly enjoyed making Faye blush through the medium of public innuendo, walking out at Grange Farm with the Men, and watching Eloise pick up with Amelia pretty much where she left off all those years ago only with the benefit of a functioning speaking voice and a modicum of intelligence.

Faye was still sporting her wry, slightly incredulous elfin smirk, Sam her inimitable sartorial style and easygoing charm and Sarah her pneumatic stage presence and command over kingdoms animal and junior.

Congratulations to you all on your reproductive success! Does that sound wrong?

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