Jun 3, 2014

Milky Milky

I am showing you this picture not because the trousers are amusingly dangling around the ankles but because Lyra is seen here wandering around with a bottle of milk hanging from her chops. For Lyra is a milk monster, like her sister. She can be bought and sold for a bottle of milk. She will not sleep but she has a bottle of milk in her mouth. A bottle of milk will shut her up just as it will help her to shut down.

In fact, well actually in my opinion, the milk thing has actually gone a little far and she drinks so much milk that sometimes she doesn't eat as much food as she perhaps should but probably actually shouldn't. We probably consume upwards of 14 litres of milk a week, and between her and Eloise a good twelve of those litres go to the little people.

So milk is to be pulled back on a bit, in the hope that the other foodstuffs which are dangled in front of her might become a little more tempting. Well perhaps not the crisps; they're already quite tempting enough, thank you.

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