Jun 6, 2014

Blightamous Journey

And it is written that upon the sixth day of June in the Year of Our Lord two thousand and fourteen, we did take carriage from Paul Up the Road to the Airport where we did nervously await our Sky Charabang, purchasing the Boots of Ugg to slake our anxieties and quaffing Capuccinos to quench our fatigue.

And we did repair to the departure gate and we did ascend into the heavens in our A330, hearts full of the promise of home and a rainy summer in dear England, half way around the world. We did sleep on that, the first stage of our epic journey, slept as the red deserts of Australia unfurled beneath us and the azure oceans and emerald islands of the Torres Strait and Indonesia were left behind in the dead of night, and yea as the sun arose we descended upon Singapore.

And in Singapore the young ones did play upon the playground and frolic in the Garden of Butterflies while the old ones did stare into space, addled at the hour of their awakening. And we did move from one aircraft to another, and the youngest of us did tantrum repeatedly, striking her head upon the floor in an inexplicable purder, until we did board the huge craft which would bear us to London.

And on the way to London we slept not a wink for Eloise became engrossed in the Screen of Engrossment and Lyra became Awakened and Energetic and Neil became Annoyed and Frustrated at Lyra's Awakening and Energy except Nicole who became... Asleep.

And it came to pass that, as we descended into London Nicole did awaken and we did pass through customs and catch a bus to the hire car place, occasioning the rudeness of the Landaner early in our trip but soon escaping in our creaky Ford Focus to Colchester where we did attempt to find my brother's house.

Thus endeth the Saga of the Journey.

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