Jun 18, 2014

Old Stomping Grounds

So it's worth mentioning at this point I suppose that besides her sleeping difficulties, general place confusion and power struggling little Lyra seemed to have caught up with Erin's grottiness in Somerset with a runny nose and additional unwellness.

Considering that it's probably a good thing that we hadn't planned on accompanying the Adventurers to London. It would always have been a struggle with a baby but with a sick baby, even more so.

So we stayed behind and took the opportunity to visit Mum and we went with her for a walk to Sutton Common, an old stomping ground which we would visit regularly with the dogs.

On this occasion I decided to take the pram as we had left the baby-carrier-thingy aka the sciatica-inducer back in Australia. The pram did OK generally speaking but it isn't until you have a wheeled thingy that you realise how uneven the ground underfoot can be what with tree roots and all that general bumpiness and mud and stuff.

Needless to say we were beginning to take it for granted that the sun was shining yet again in this most un-English of English summers and Sutton Common was very much as I remembered it, floored with thick bracken from which the birch and pine trees grow thick and dense. The air smelled like Badedas as it rustled gently through the leaves above.

I remembered the spot where Matilda dug out a rabbit, her bottom sticking up out of the hole she had dug before jumping up, her nose brown with the damp soil. The smell of fox-poo on the dogs as they slunk back dejected after another half-hour tryst.

It was a pain in the arse to get Lyra to sleep again that night if I recall, but that was OK as the Wanderers were held up and didn't get back til God knows what time.

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