Dec 5, 2014

Santa with Lyra Sitting on his Knee. G.R.I.M.A.C.E.

Childcare Centre Christmas Party - storms around, party outdoors, mostly. Given recent events in Brisbane there were a lot of people looking with concerned expressions on their faces at the clouds.

Still, a good hundred people trying to keep track of the ankle-biters while the sausages sizzled and the falafels fizzled, waited upon by highly qualified early childhood education professionals with trays of food.

We didn't worry about the face painting, but we waited in line to see one of the less convincing Santas I've seen. I mean, Santa, with his access to manufactured goods from around the world, sporting specs from the nineties? Please.

Lyra was a little hesitant, but unlike Eloise at the same age who was frankly histrionic over the whole Santa thing, she took it all in her strides, not actually enjoying it, and making a bit of a face at being manhandled by this strange man dressed up as a cross between a can of Coca-Cola and Professor Dumbledore.

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