Dec 4, 2014

Snatching Defeat, Yet Again, From the Jaws of Victory

Lane 2. Lyra and I toddled along to Eloise's swim carnival. Now that she's getting a bit senior the event runs over two days, and I wasn't about to subject Lyra to that (or vice versa) (oh, let alone me).

Eloise wasn't in any Championship races this year, not having done well enough in the class-based time trials, but we went along to see her do her backstroke race as part of the general pool. You can see how she did. Pretty well, I think, she was going at the head of the field for a while but lost it a bit towards the end. I should be a swimming coach, me. We can't decide exactly where she came.

She won her race for breaststroke, she claims, but places for the other races are all subject to official confirmation, which I'm not sure any of us are sufficiently interested to obtain.

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