Dec 6, 2014

The Legendary Aladdin Dance Concert 2014

I am unable to share any photographs of Eloise in action in any of the roughly seventy-three dances she participated in at this year's concert because photography was forbidden. However she did make an appearance at the bar before the evening performance in all her finery, so we knew she was OK.

When we dropped her off at 9 in the morning the rain was tumbling down pretty intensely, and Lyra and I waited in the car while Nicole escorted a nervous Eloise into the theatre to find out what was going on.

Nicole had been on a night-shift so it was straight off to bed for her, while Lyra and I hung loose waiting for the rain to abate before heading off to the markets.

The day unfolded as many have; Lyra "helped" with the shopping, we ate our steamed dumplings and our various prefix-chinos. Lyra fell asleep on the way home (the admittedly tortuous way home).

Nicole woke up late in the afternoon and soon we were heading down to the theatre for our evening performance, in our smartest smart-casual threads (which in my case isn't that smart). We had a couple of drinks before finding our seats and the show began.

It was loosely based around some sort of Aladdin story type thing, so the music was sort of Eastern-ish which was nice for a change, and the dancing was sort of Eastern-ish, which was nice for a change. There was singing (um), contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, modern, tap, singing, hip-hop, and all that, over an hour and a half in two halves, the first half of which Lyra sat still for, the second half of which Nicole had to supervise a roving toddler who was determined to get on stage. And almost did.

Eloise had some major parts to play in some dances, which was good for her, and she pulled off all her moves reasonably flawlessly (as far as I could see). I was pleased because I actually recognised her underneath all the slap.

So it was good, lots of variety, different music, just one costume.

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