Dec 13, 2014

A Turn for the Mildly Inclement

Most of last week we spent sitting around in reasonably uncomfortable heat and humidity, the sort where you're sitting around during the day and the urge to remove your clothes comes over you, subsiding after you have removed said clothes, before continuing to do whatever it was you were doing before.

Before you attempt to imagine me putting out the washing naked, my Adonis-like physique rippling as I peg out the family's small-clothes, the sweat dripping across my finely sculpted musculature like fragrant oil on a pankratiast, I should say that I drew the line at taking my T-shirt off, so imagine all of the above if you must, but with my shorts on, please.

After Thursday's storm and protracted rain, however, the heat has passed, leaving us basking in room-temperature heat and strongish breezes, something of a shock to the system, though not enough to break out the long trousers just yet.

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