Dec 11, 2014

Obliteration Room

The Obliteration Room: downstairs at the Gallery of Modern Art, a re-appearance of the immersive installation by some Japanese bloke (or lady) whose name, by the Power of Google, is Yayoi Kusama. Last time it was a living room, if I recall, and this time a more hard-furnished kitchen/office space with plenty of shelves and objects upon them, all brilliant white.

The idea is to stick stickers on everything (probably not the things that move); the stickers accumulate over time; the white is occluded by dots of colour; everyone has contributed. And sticking stickers is, after all, fun.

Claire had observed this and put it on the agenda, and a good idea it was too, what with the day being stinking hot and stinking humid, and the Gallery of Modern Art's air-conditioning permanently set to Antarctic, so off we toddled, toddlers in tow, for a happy couple of hours sticking stuff to stuff and exploring stuff, and stuff.

We supped coffee at the cafe beforehand, and ate of Georgia's food (she has a superior caterer), before Lyra mysteriously disappeared, precipitating a bemused search which was cut short by the Gavin dog-whistle, which within moments brought the little tyke out of the cafe where she was hiding.

Then into the Gallery where we picked up our stickers, and Lyra and Georgia explored away, messing about with the various objects and sticking stickers, when they could be bothered, mostly to themselves. It was entertaining, in a sort of oddly arty way. Lyra tried to relieve other children of their stickers, when she could, which wasn't often, and tried to relieve the Obliteration Room of its stickers, when she could. Lord knows what she made of it.

More weather on the radar, and imminent sleep-time sent us back to the car, the heat as we left the Gallery a hot damp flannel upon the skin. Soon we were in the cool car and a bit of synth-based classical elevator music had them asleep in no time; back at home, the storm was thunderingly loud, toe-curlingly electric and the rain heavy and enduring.

Marion brought Eloise home from school as the storm passed; before long the rain started again. Later on we picked Nicole up from work, and there was a minor flood on Bowen Bridge Road. When it rains, it rains.

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