Sep 6, 2015

What Is Known As Parklands

It seems according to the photographic evidence that we visited the Roma Street Parklands the next day.

My increasing memory lapses suggest early-onset dementia though perhaps not being able to remember what I was up to three months ago is just plain normal for a man of my advanced years.

It's my suspect recollection that a new playground had just opened which we attended with high - and perhaps unreasonable - hopes which were gently deflated after a pleasant walk through the gardens, thankfully involving Lyra's remaining clothed and failing to swim naked upon the Many Steps of Inappropriate Nudity.

The playground was OK and has in fact improved upon further visitation, but we moved on on that occasion to the trusty playground just up the way where Eloise demonstrated her athleticism as shown above.

And a good time, I'm sure, was had by all.

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