Sep 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Nicole

Nicole's Birthday today. I don't know if there's a number base in which she's 21 any more... hang on... nope/

Lyra in childcare means fun for everyone else, and it's school holidays so Nicole, Eloise and I go down to the South Bank to see the Luck Child by the bloke out of the Umbilical Brothers who Isn't Bald in the Spiegeltent.

First though we visit Paddington for a slap-up breakfast. I just hope I'm not the one who's due the slapping.

Our first breakfast venue appears promising but unfortunately suffers a kitchen fire in their rangehood, necessitating a cancellation and evacuation.

The second venue is far superior in that they actually serve us food. Which is nice.

Then to South Bank and the Spiegel Tent and very entertaining it is too, if life-threateningly hot.

Weirdly, on the way out Eloise and I are collared on the way out by a camera crew. Weirdly also I agree to talk to them, which turns out to be a life-shattering experience as I attempt to be an erudite smartarse about things I'm unable to pretentiously riff on and consequently make a complete arse of myself.

Afterwards we visit the City Hall and the Museum of Brisbane where Eloise is bored and unafraid to show it before we ascent the dizzy heights of the clock tower to gaze out over the vista of towers that are much taller than we are.

After picking Lyra up we head back to Paddington where we visit an Italian place where we gorge on oily pasta and fondle finely sculpted statuesque ladies' breasticles.

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