Sep 5, 2015

Grange May Fair in September

The Grange May Fair normally happens in May, around May Day, as you might expect but this year was disrupted by inclement weather probably to do with climate change and all that - lots of rain, general unpleasantness - and so was rescheduled for whatever day this is in September,

We pitched up and before long met up with the Bs who were as usual bullish on entertainment, not to mention pizza, and we watched tap dancers who tickled Eloise's fancy and were in fact very good even according to my exacting dance-dad standards before sampling the delights of the petting zoo and pony rides around which banter was had with the Lucks.

Did you know about the etymology behind the naming of animal meats, for example? For behind that lies an intriguing story of those who write history, they being the rich french-speakers who were able to write; hence pig and pork and cow and beef and so on. Anyway, I digress.

Ponies were ridden and stalls were visited and dancing was witnessed and singing was heard and before long Tony and I headed up to the Pizza Shop of Gourmet Perfection to procure pizzas to be wolfed watching the fillum.

And as night fell we hunkered down for Paddington, and lo there was wine and there was pizza and there was a picnic blanket and the sort of middle-aged discomfort that come with being over-reclined for too long.

And then back to ours on the back deck where an unscheduled extra festivity occurred involving more wine and a certain amount of jollity.

If I remember correctly.

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