Sep 29, 2015


They were running some chemistry lessons down at the Museum, and for some reason Eloise was keen.

A note on parking down there; it's become an ongoing problem; the convenient car parks always seem to be full and it's a right pain in the arse. I blame all these people who keep moving here and then visiting places I want to go to.

So for some reason or another, I forget what exactly. probably hair or clothing choices, but maybe not, we were running late. And the convenient car parks were full.

This meant that we had to park at the other end of South Bank and leg it to get to our venue in time.

And when I say leg it, I mean like actually run.

At times like these I begin to realise I might not be totally unfit after all. I jogged gently along with Eloise in the distance behind me completely unable to match me for pace or distance. Zola Budd-like, in the respect of going barefoot rather than being a top endurance athlete or elbowing fellow runners out of the way, I cruised along, occasionally stopping to let the laggard catch up.

And, like the stadium-based final leg, we jogged into the museum and down to the science centre where some bleeding functionary admonished us the name of Health and Safety for jogging in a public place before telling us that we were in entirely the wrong place anyway.

So the Chemistry stuff was good and fine and Eloise made proteins out of balls and springs and investigated the vagaries of the hydrogen bond and all that.

And then a text message came through from the Early Warning people that a huge storm was coming - and we had to run all the way back to the car again.

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