Sep 24, 2015

Some Lone Pine

A trip to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary with Claire and Georgia which passed uneventfully if entertainingly. Eloise fed the lorikeets, always the high point of her day.  On this occasion the cirds had the unexpected bonus of an Indian boy's head. Nice, hey?

The memorable thing for us grown-ups I'm sure will be Eloise's end-of-day disappearance with Georgia leading to me calling out the Search Detail as they vanished like a puff of logic into the ether of gullibility. One minute they were behind us as we exited the establishment, next they were nowhere.

Claire minded Lyra next to the Unconvincing Koala of Photographic Opportunity while I strolled purposefully performing my Whistle of Summoning to no avail. I purloined a Young Functionary who put out an APB as we roamed the establishment. I returned to the front door, but no signs of the miscreants.

Had they been kidnapped?! Had they fallen off the bridge into the Grassy Crevasse?!! Never to be seen again?!!!

After another fruitless tour, I returned to the front door to find them, contrite, having buggered off back to the car super quick owing to some vague commitment I'd made at the start of the day about some hanging chair swing thingies. They'd gone back to swing on the thingies.

Eloise told me that Claire had words with her. She denied it.

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