Sep 7, 2015

Nicole in Day Off Shocker

I'll not attempt to provide a running commentary upon Nicole's progress on her Ph.D. as I am barely qualified to do so given the patchy and rambling reports that I am privy to, plus the fact that try as I might to understand what's she's doing I can shelter under the pretence that it's all just too much for my pretty little head to worry about.

Anyway, on this particular day, the photographic evidence suggests that Nicole took a rare day off from her jobs and to celebrate this we undertook an outing to your favourite up-and-coming bohemian beatnik suburb and mine, West End, to wander around and invariably purchase ladies' self-betterment products from Perfect Potions.

And after indulging in this retail relaxation we visited a coffee caravan to imbibe their caffeinated comestibles along with some fine veggie cuisine which left me at least feeling portly and mildly faint.

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