Jun 24, 2015

She Ain't No Ladybird

After swimming, we had some chores. A school application to deliver and some shopping. Lyra consistently refused to get into the car, which was frustrating but at the same time exasperating but - because she did it with a smile on her face and in a reasonably cute way - at the same time just sort of sighingly put-up-with-able.

Although when we decided to catch a train into town, and missed it because of her shenanigans, it did go back to being frustrating, but at the same time annoying.

All of which was also good fun because she had decided to wear her ladybird outfit, and would not be deterred.

So we trotted around the Sciencentre [sic] and played on all the thingummybobs for a couple of hours with her dressed as Gaston from Ben and Holly. Which was a real pain in the arse when it came to toilet time, at which point she decided normal clothes might be better.

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