Jun 13, 2015

Just You and Me, Kiddos

Nicole naffed off on Saturday morning to Perth for a Nerdy Nursey Cosy Conflab, leaving me with the girls to look after. Bollocks! Til Tuesday! Double Bollocks!!

We went to the market where Lyra did her usual thing of running completely rampant under only cursory supervision. This time she actually made it into Unwaxed Mark's driving area, much to everybody's consternation. At least she didn't steal any mobile phones this time. Or money.

Eloise did well for herself: Pele the Ham Man had a tennis racquet for her, she having vaguely expressed some sort of interest a few weeks ago in the earshot of some other kindly punter who not-quite-anonymously donated the bat.

And, in a very nice surprise, Bonita the Bespoke Dress Lady, who is moving to Thailand to pursue her dress-making business from a more tropical clime, found a sewing machine for Eloise to pursue her own dress-making ambitions with. Which is a rather fantastic result, I am sure you will agree, without actually expressing it in any way whatsoever.

Eloise has written her thank-you notes. This Saturday we'll see if she's a Completer-Finisher.

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