Jun 2, 2015

International Student Exchange

One sunny Tuesday I found myself in the company of the surreally tall international student Alex. Marion has students stay with her to improve their English whilst staying with local families as they study English here at some mysterious school called Langports, which seems to be very popular. We know a few people who host students but none seem to do it as inclusively or as well as Marion does.

Anyway, Alex apparently wanted to see some bushy nature, and Marion asked me to act as a guide, which, with a slightly raised eyebrow I agreed to do.

It was a tight fit in our little car, what with Alex's considerable stature, and I thought that perhaps a nearby bush venue might be best but halfway to the general location of Northside Forestry I thought, bugger it, let's show off some rainforest, and so I drove us up to Mount Glorious for a hike through the figs and the ferns and the palms.

With the recent rain I thought it might be interesting to see what it was like and it was drier than I thought it might have been but still pleasantly moist with a few little creeks gurgling away as we made our way down to the waterfall at the bottom of the walk discussing what it was like to be a youth these days.

I remember being twenty, vaguely.

We also discussed the reasons why, when you're twenty, your memory might become a little vague.

It was a pleasant enough way to pass a few hours, and I do like to have a bit of a root around the dark crevices. Alex enjoyed taking pictures of mushrooms, inexplicably.

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