Jun 16, 2015

Blossom in the Rain

In a way, it's nice when it rains. It just sort of breaks the monotony of relentless sunshine. You know how it is when the sun shines just all the time, you start to take it for granted, when every day is a shorts day and sunblock is essential. You know that, right?

It's winter here now and while it's lovely during the day, what with the relentless sunshine and all that - which actually I don't really take for granted, coming from climes where winter means perpetual darkness and clammy, clagging, persistent cold - the nights are chilly and the mornings very fresh and the weather very dry.

So a little rain, just a temperate amount, rather than the deluges we have been treated to over the last few months, is welcome. A greying of the sky, a bit of shower in the air, enough rain to get the gutters flowing without becoming rivers, a sheen on the road and a bit less glare on the eyes, that's welcome. A bit warmer at night with the clouds. Very nice, for a while. Maybe a couple of days.

Then we'll have the sunshine back, please.

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