Jun 11, 2015

Rainy Day = Indoor Play

It's winter, brrr! Temperatures have plummeted down to the low twenties, sometimes even down into the high teens. The mercury has fallen and the wind is coming from the sea. Showers drift across the landscape, unpredictable and mostly ineffective, but every now and then there's a semi-protracted drenching.

Not the weather for outdoor fun times, not by any means, and so off to the local indoor play-centre for an indoor play.

Lyra went solo after declining a pre-play pee proposal, and while I nurtured my fortifying cup of joe she went off to do her thing. A few minutes later a Mum came back with her, crotch-dampened and embarrassed. Off to the toilet again, then, and a follow-up release of excitement. You just never know.

A little later my Good Samaritan Mum had egg on her face as her daughter, much to my po-faced amusement, belted Lyra in the face, clearly attempting some sort of egg-sucking educational experience which Lyra mysteriously failed to appreciate.

While I was languishing in the ball pit pondering my lot in life, the little treasure took herself off to the Inflatable Slide of Inevitable Doom. I caught up with her as she looked down - with feelings akin to a learner looking down her first black run, I imagine.


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