Jul 31, 2014

The Readers

Something very nice, very gratifying has happened to Eloise. I'm not sure quite when, not even vaguely, there probably isn't even a when, but over some indeterminate period of time Eloise has become a keen and independent reader.

Parentally, we have always tried to emphasise books and their importance and the rich experiences they can afford the imaginative reader, but Eloise wasn't confident enough in her reading to really enjoy the actual doing of it. Sometime though she's started bring home books from the library and just sitting down with them and reading them almost cover-to-cover.

And a bonus to that is that Lyra sees Eloise reading, and, worshipping the ground that she walks upon and all that, and with a concerted effort that Nicole should be congratulated on, now at bed time Lyra takes herself off to our bed, grabs some books, and ensconces herself upon it books at the ready.

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