Jul 17, 2014


With Claire, my bosomed buddy, and Georgia, her daughter and Lyra's best little friend, we have on occasion been exploring what Brisbane and its surrounds have to offer in the arena of Soft Play Centres.

I do not have imagery to show you of the actual physical reality of the Facilities themselves as I can't help but think that in this day and age, being what this day and age is and what it entails and carries with it in terms of gender stereotyping and general paranoia, I can't help but think that snapping away inside a Kiddy Play Place might not be the best idea ever conceived.

So I will leave it at this: here are Lyra's sliding dungarees, or fungarees as I personally like to call them. Some of these Places have pretty good slides which are quite exciting for even a Big Grown Up to slide down, and the excitement can only be enhanced by the appropriate low-friction attire which will ensure no skin-plastic-interface drag and consequently a rapid, smooth descent down any slide Lyra might be presented with - long, short, undulating, or spiral.

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