Jul 7, 2014

Bembridge Phase Two: Windswept and Interesting-Looking

For our next trip we went to Bembridge. Anne I think needs to take the credit for suggesting that we visit the Beach Hut Cafe. Even though on this occasion we had it on good authority that we knew where we were going, and that good authority was in the lead vehicle, and there were brown signs quite clearly pointing the way, still we managed to get lost. Not irretrievably, mind you, but just enough, you know, just enough to make it worth mentioning.

The cafe itself was perfectly fine, although being in a beach hut, as the name might have suggested to you, all the seats were outside. And though it was sunny it was also assuredly breezy and rocks had to be deployed to hold down tablecloths. The food was lauded, and why not: I don't remember what I had, a sandwich rings a bell, but I'm sure it was simply marvelous. But it was windy. Exposed, and windy, even in the recessed patio that we sheltered in.

We had Chris, Nicky, Noah and Isla with us for a while: Isla stayed behind while the others went for a rest. Those of us who remained went down to the beach to walk the Astronomer.

Beppi spent a happy time ignoring his so-called Master's calls and assaulted (in the nicest possible way) other peoples' pet dogs and pet humans, and went back to the cafe for a bit while his Mum hid around a corner of the sea wall. Meanwhile, though perhaps not contemporaneously, Isla went for a paddle/wallow/padlow/wallle in the shallows, trying not to get pulled under by predatory mutant seaweed.

Afterwards we returned to the cafe for ice cream. Shivering away in the cold wind, while the ice cream melted under the warm sun.

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